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Why Smartphones Cannot Replace Professional Photography

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Photography has been there for a long time. It is both an art and science whereby images are created and recorded by either using a light-sensitive material or using an electronic method. Using photography has evolved a lot. It has evolved from the use of inventory throughout the use of film technology, color, and now digital and synthesis photography. We are now applying the use of digital cameras to do much of our photography work. This has evolved to an extent whereby now almost everyone has a camera to use at his exposure. This is because of owning smartphones which have cameras. Therefore, you are likely to find people walking around and others going to the picnic hoping to take photos with their smartphones. Others are using smartphones to take photos when they attend various events such as weddings and parties. The use of smart phones does not yet have the potential to replace professional photography. I will explain special factors surrounding digital photography.

Digital camera vs smartphone

First, you need to know there is a big difference between the digital camera and a smartphone for taking of photographs. Therefore, there is a big reason why smartphones will not replace the professional photography. This is because the use of digital cameras offers a lot of advantages to smartphones for the quality of the photographs taken. Here are advantages of the digital camera.

The zoom

I can describe the zoom you get from the use of a digital camera as real and appealing. This contributes to the professional photographer taking high quality photographs when compared to the photos you get from using a smartphone. This is because mobile phones don’t have an optical zoom as it is digital cameras. The only zoom you get in smartphones is the digital zoom which leads to a poor quality photo because it can re-frame the image. It also results into an unnecessary editing of images and hence the photos you will get is not the best. This has advantages because you are limited to take close-up photos as the only thing you can do is only to move closer to the object so your preferred background will be affected.


Image credit: Christopher Burns

Low light

Digital cameras will still enable the professional photographer to take quality photos even in presence of weak light. This differs greatly from the use of smartphones which give very poor images when the conditions of the light are poor, like when you want to take a photo from an enclosed place. This is because smartphones are designed in such a way that the light sensor is not of such a high quality.

Digital cameras used by professional photographers have a better quality in they are better suited to take photos at night or darkness. They therefore are flexible to time as they can be used at any time of the day. This differs from the use of smartphones whose stability to take photos in the dark is limited and still the light sensor has poor quality.


Image credit: Christopher James Scheller

Digital cameras are more adaptable

Professional photographers use digital cameras whose modes are better than using smartphones. Digital cameras are well adapted to taking photos of moving subjects. This is because it has an automatic focus.

Better image quality

Use of digital cameras has been shown to have better quality photos. This is what everyone will look for. Therefore, professional photographers will always remain relevant in the society and cannot be replaced by the use of smartphones. The quality of images is better in that digital cameras have more megapixels and more quality optical stability.

Advantages of professional photographers

Some people believe taking photos is just about having the equipment and in presence of the subject take a photo. However, this is a long belief because there is a great need to know quality photos are not just taken by anybody. They need to be taken by a professional. Therefore, as many people walk around taking photos using smartphones, it will be difficult to replace professional photographers because of the following reasons.


The education that any professional photographer has cannot be underestimated. These are people who have gone through a thorough process of schooling in colleges and have achieved a lot of skills to ensure that they can take better and quality photos. This differs from people who just own a smartphone with no special skill in taking photos. Professional photographers have a better knowledge of their equipment and can set it to the best position for quality cameras.


Image credit: Debby Hudson

Lighting techniques

Does it mean that when you own a smartphone you have any technique? Lighting is very crucial in photography. It takes time for a photographer to learn about this technique and be able to adjust the settings depending on the light conditions present.


Professional photographers have relevant experience in helping to take quality photos under any condition.

Use of props and backdrops

These are very important because for a shoot to be quality a photographer knows the best props to use.

Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Editing and software knowledge

Professional photography is very important because it helps in editing the photo to ensure that you get the best-looking photo. Besides this photographers have knowledge in editing software.


As I conclude, the use of smartphones has no chance of replacing professional photography soon.


Title image credit: Jordan McQueen

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