Prince tribute bass DIY Project Part I

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On Saturday Prince was dead already 2 years – time to think about how to honor him.

When I did see an image from the Purple Rain times, where he was playing BrownMark’s guitar my idea was born.

Image copyright: Randee St.Nicholas

Let’s create a bass which is looking somewhat like this one 🙂 – this one, is (most probably) a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass.

I will not concede blasphemy with modding an original Fender (the cost would be prohibiting, too) – there is a bunch of replicas around which can serve as a basis for this project – so I am currently on eBay Watch about some, e.g. a Marcus Miller v7 and a Squier VM J-Bass.

One defining moment of this bass is the maple neck with the black fret block marks which is not to be found easily.

The version I am envisioning will have the body painted in a metallic purple with a golden Love Symbol under the upper sheet or clear coating. Another deviation is that I would like to go with golden mechanics, too.

The bass will be passive like the original – depending on the basis I might replace the PUs with DiMarzio Ultra Jazz ones.

So I am looking foward to post II in this series :-).

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