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The Importance of Professional Photography in the Current Age

You must have heard about the common joke that every monkey with a DSLR calls himself a photographer. The truth is the mobiles are now smarter, DSLRs and their mirror-less cousins, DSLMs, are easier to operate and cheaper than ever, and the auto modes have made everyone a photographer. That is all the more reason that professional photography needs to be taken seriously.

It’s All about Moments

Photo credit: Pascal van de Vendel

Photography isn’t just about getting a sharp picture. It is about moments. When you let amateur photographers or non-photographers take centre-stage, you can expect to miss important moments while fiddling with settings and frames among other things. Worse, they won’t know important moments, and how to approach them. Professional photography is about knowing what to expect, when to expect, and how to time the shutter. It’s not about the burst mode, but the best mode.

Brands Need Quality Photography

While one may gain the same set of tools as a professional photographer, it takes years to master the craft. Therefore, you may think you have the requisite knowledge to showcase your brand to the world but it might come short because of the right practice of the art. A brand hires a creative person not because of the equipment but because of the skills. More often than not, top brands don’t even care about the equipment a photographer uses. They worry more about the ideas and how to bring them to life.

Quality over Quantity

You must have seen how some pictures outlive all others despite having the same subjects. It could be your childhood pictures, wedding pictures, or any other such special picture. Not all pictures are loved equally. However many pictures you take via mobile phones and other such equipment, in the end, it is about the quality of the picture. Professional photography is about maximising the potential of the setting and the subject by creating quality pictures that can last a lifetime.

There’s Too Much Content

Photo credit: Igor Ovsyannykov

It might sound ironical, but the biggest argument in favour of professional photography is that there’s way too much content over the web. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or on websites etc, there’s way too much content. We all know “content is the king”. Sadly, though, only content that deserves to be staged on the throne is king. And because there’s too much content, only a cusp of it reaches the top. For making it do that, professional photography is the way to go. With so many pictures, you won’t get even the clicks, forget comments and reaction – especially if trading at a professional level as a service provider. That’s where you need pictures that can hold the viewers.

All in all, this digital age has opened the world of opportunities, which has also brought up worries. The smart customer should realise the importance of quality content and embrace professional photography.


Title image credit: David Marcu

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