DP3M0011a - Pimp your Lumix GM5 grip

Pimp your Lumix GM5 grip

Even today, after the Lumix DMC-GM5 is out of production since some time it still is well sought after as one of the smallest travel cameras with interchangeble lenses.

However it’s smallness comes at a price – in this case the handling (or rather taking a firm grip) on the camera’s body. Of course Panasonic did notice this too and offers the  DMW-HGR1-K Ergonomic Hand Grip. This comes at an unreasonable price and is also generating new issues (as it’s shielding the base plate).

A much neater and cheaper offer is the adhesive grip AG-R2 Sony is offering for it’s RX-100 series

This small accessory is fitting the GM5, too, nearly perfectly and vastly improved gripping the camera.

The application is very simple due to the adhesive back and it even looks good – definitely better than Panasonic’s original idea …

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