DSC00542 - Updating Samyang AF lens firmware with the lens manager

Updating Samyang AF lens firmware with the lens manager

As already written a few days ago Samyang did release firmware updates for it’s line of Sony FE AF lenses. To update the firmware on the lens it is necessary to use a proprietery program and the Samyang Lens Station – an update via the camera is not possible.

Here is a walkthrough of the lens manager – sometimes it is a little bit quirky and some English labels seem weird but it is working 🙂

After connection the lens station to the computer the lens manager will find the port the station in connected to. You can only continue now if there is a lens attached to the station.

After pressing connect the attached lens is read and it’s configuration displayed, in this case a 35mm 1:1.4 with firmware 01, an AF correction of +1 and a aperture setting of 8. This is interesting as is seems to show that the AF is already adjusted by the factory.

Let’s go through the menus – here’s the AF point calibration – with some funny English.

Next is the aperture setting. This actually surprised me a bit at the beginning; it is used to calibrate the “fully open” setting so it actually is fully open. To achieve this the iris can be opened/closed via the tool. the goal is that the blades cannot be noticed. Again, this is calibrated by the factory, in this case with a relatively big value of 8.

The beahaviour of the MF ring can be switched in 3 different settings, slow, normal or fast.

Finally the Lens Station information can be displayed.

So back to the lens view which permits the update of the firmware, it also contains a link to the download page at Samyang. After downloading and unpacking the firmware it has to be loaded via Load Lens FW file.

And the update can be started

After reconnecting to the lens the firmware is updated to version 2 while retaining the other settings.

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