Slippery (not only) when wet – Sigma’s DPn Merrill

DP3M1107 - Slippery (not only) when wet - Sigma's DPn Merrill

They are small; they are powerful – and they are awfully slippery (maybe if your hands were far smaller than mine … not).

The Sigma DP Merrill series are still the Gold Standard for achievable image quality (at ISO100) on APS-C sized sensors in the smallest possible package today. This small package has a down-side, apart from some bumps there’s nothing to support a firm grip of the camera. As they are discontinued by now Sigma is not offering any case, either – did they ever do?
I didn’t want to risk throwing the camera accidentally away, so I did do some research which turned up a manufacturer in the far east who is offering hand-sewn cases (unfortunately made of fake leather) at a reasonable price.

The design is clever in a way it offers an extra latch to open beneath the battery / storage card door so you can change either with the case attached. Unlike the pricey Gariz offers, this is not an aluminium base plate with spares but what seems to be a sturdy mechanism. Time will tell.

My DP2 mounted in the case is looking like this – the handling is beefy, no chance of accidentally letting it slip. The tight grip will allow for more stable hand-held shooting, too.

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