isi akahome 315125a - Guess who's knocking? Winter

Guess who’s knocking? Winter

Image by Isi Akahome


This morning when I have been taking my dog for a walk I noticed white stuff on my roof – for the first time this year it has been freezing. Add to that the time it is getting dark these days and you know winter is knocking at the door.

What does this time of the year with long evenings mean for us as photographers?

Well, in case you are a studio rat or someone from Beautiful and sunny southern Florida you might not even notice – but for the rest of us it means short days and long evenings.

I grew a habit during the past to prowl 2nd hand bookstores during the summer period to collect photography books and picture books. During long evenings I am at ease to study these and get new inspiration.

So what is your winter routine? Of course the Winter, too, is offering a bunch of great motives – but what about the times when the weather is severely bad …

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