etr e - Bronica ZENZANON-PE 180mm F/4.5 on Sony α7

Bronica ZENZANON-PE 180mm F/4.5 on Sony α7

Recently I found a long-awaited letter on my desk – an adapter for mounting Bronica 6×4.5 lenses to Nikon-F; attach a Nikon-F to Sony-E adapter and you can use the Bronica lenses on the Alpha 7.
That’s how the whole construct looks like …

To check the fit of the adapter, I used the standard lens of the Bronica ETRSi, the ZENZANON-PE 75mm F / 2.8 – the result, of course open, was promising …

… enough to launch a heavier gun right after that … from the short portrait focal length to a long one, the ZENZANON-PE 180mm F/4.5. All images at f4.5 except the lily at f8.
Exposure, color and contrast are all well represented in the flower pictures, which are OOC. The cat had to be pimped a bit due to dark light conditions.




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