Affinity Photo auf Kurs – version 1.6.1 (Windows) veröffentlicht

affinity logo 190920160826 - Affinity Photo auf Kurs - version 1.6.1 (Windows) veröffentlicht

It seems that after Skylum recently experienced their private Waterloo with their release of Luminar 2018 – and not delivering at all, especially so regarding the Windows version, Affinity is one of the remaining contenders for challenging the Abo … eeg … Adobe empire.

Currently I would put ON1 still on the list of possible alternatives.

Back to Affinity – they are frequently pushing updates for OSX and Windows versions and seem to have managed to sync the code base of their Photo product with the Designer product. (On top the code base of the OSX version 1.6.6 is the same as Windows 1.6.1; I assume we can expect a unified 1.7 at a point in time).

Is is very promising that they started working on the RAW development part in the currenty ß of 1.6.7 – there is still a lot of room for improvement. They seem to have recognized this and as first step improve the shadow/highlight behaviour.

Back to the original topic, recently version 1.6.1 was released hosting a bunch of fixes


We are pleased to announce the release of Affinity Photo for Windows, version 1.6.1

The change-list for 1.6.1 is as follows:

  • Improved Photoshop plugin support (compatibility for Filter Forge and some others)
  • Added missing ‚Vertical Alignment‘ text menu
  • Added Outlier option from Stack Options
  • Added missing menu item and auto-scroll in Layers panel
  • Added custom wet edges from brush editor


  • Fixed rendering issues with ASUS SonicRadar, MSI Nehemic 2, etc (had to remove check for legacy RivaTuner crashes)
  • Fixed incorrect file extensions and missing icons for TIFF and GIF Export in Turkish
  • Fixed printer profile resetting when tab is changed
  • Fixed printing of recolour adjustments
  • Fixed slices created from layers having no area
  • Fixed automatic slice areas to use any vector enclosure mask by default
  • Fixed snapping in Marquee tool
  • Fixed Pixel Zoom calculations
  • Fixed unable to increase brush dynamics using mouse wheel
  • Fixed Shape Fill cannot be changed easily if set to None before drawing
  • Fixed resizing of Frame Text when rotation centre is in bottom right
  • Other Tool and View fixes


  • Fixed being unable to retrieve EXIF information from files that have non-ANSI characters in their path
  • Fixed being unable to drop a file from Explorer without any documents open
  • Fixed images being pasted upside down
  • Improved SVG import of gradients
  • Fixed PDF import of inline images
  • Fixed PSD import of files from „Sketchclub“
  • Fixed PSD export for layers that have bounds with zero height or width
  • Fixed PDF export rasterizing vector objects in some cases


  • Fixed auto-save not executing for read-only files
  • Fixed read-only documents having Save option disabled (now directs to Save As)
  • Avoid hang in parallel processing of Batch jobs
  • Fixed crashes when switching between documents with Brush panel open
  • Other UI tweaks and fixes
  • Many other stability fixes and bug fixes

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