Neues Werkzeug – Sigma Batteriegriff PG-41 für SD Quattro / H

DP3M1080 - Neues Werkzeug - Sigma Batteriegriff PG-41 für SD Quattro / H

Battery grips – some people love them, some people hate them. Honestly there is a reason for both perceptions :-). As I do love them for some work I recently managed to source a Sigma PG-41 at a reasonable price. It fits both the SD Quattro and the SD Quattro H.

The build quality is excellent – in case you are missing a hammer you might be able to use this piece of craftsmanship to put the nail in your wall. That said, it is hefty, too.

As usual with all other Sigma stuff it is Made in Japan.

What´s the main reasons to get a battery grip? Being able to hold the camera better in portrait mode. This is working perfectly with the PG-41. Also in landscape mode it does not get in the way – I felt reminded of my old Canon EOS 1D Mark IV when holding this combination.

Second reason is prolonged battery life – you can add two batteries in the grip.

This gives you a nice display of 3 available batteries in the camera – with a full charge you are ready for a day of fun.

What it your take on using battery grips? Lover or Hater ;)?

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