Sigma DP0 Quattro Adventure Vol.II : Sigma Photo Pro (SPP), Polarizer

Sigma3 - Sigma DP0 Quattro Adventure Vol.II : Sigma Photo Pro (SPP), Polarizer

 Sigma Photo pro

A lot has been written about Sigma’s RAW converter, available for free to use with their cameras … full of bugs … slow as hell …
To prepare for my DP0 trial I sat down some time to train myself in the user of Sigma Photo Pro.

The main difference to other workflow designs is that Sigma does not expect to deliver a finished product out of SPP. Instead SPP is only made for converting the RAW files – the final retouching should be done with another product.
If you want to compare this approach Canon Digital Photo Professional comes to mind (which is as much hated as it is loved). Until recent versions DPP, too, was plain RAW converter.
I will do the post-processing with Affinity Photo (maybe with the help of the NIK Collection in Affinity).

My experience until now: yes, the software is not the fastest (but seems stable; I didn’t experience crash, yet). As the DP0 is not a rapid fire camera, either I anyhow want to concentrate more on planned shots I do not care. Let’s wait and see how long it will take to process a SFD shot.

The only alternative for an end-to-end workflow with the Quattro’s X3F RAW files is the current version of Silkypix Developer Studio Pro, which I installed as a trial version, too. Problem: it’s a cursed software, too ;-). Another alternative would have been RawTherapee – RT 5.1 does not support Quattro files …

To close the day, there’s a new piece of hardware, too. The polarizer for the DP0 arrived. Contrary to my actual Hoya affinity I decided for Made in Germany this time.


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