Sigma DP0 Quattro Adventure Vol.I: Sigma (Gratis) Leihaktion

Sigma - Sigma DP0 Quattro Adventure Vol.I: Sigma (Gratis) Leihaktion

For everyone who did not notice, yet – Sigma Germany is offering a special rental deal theis summer. You can get a selected DP or SD Quattro with lens for only 29€ per week.
If you are sending your (best) shot created during the trial they will even drop the fee so you had it for free.

 Sigma Leihaktion

This incentive is matching my plans well. Since some time I have been thinking about the gear which I will take with me to vacation on the Balearic Islands.
After all the Foveon sensor still is fascinating to me – so for the wide angle coverage it will neither be my EOS 6D with the Sigma 24-35mm Art nor my Lumix GX80 with the Lumix 7-14mm but a Sigma DP0 Quattro.

 Sigma DP0 Quattro

The needed polarizer is already ordered and Sigma Photo Pro also got installed – if you trust reviewers the usage, and the speed, is still a pain in the …

I will find out myself soon 🙂

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