I want to ride my bycicle – in China

IMG 20170517 1724584 1536 - I want to ride my bycicle - in China

There was a time when Amsterdam was accredited the title of World Champion City of Bicycling. This is about to change. In Beijng there are literally ten-thousands of rental bicycles available at any 2nd street crossing.

Renting takes place fully automatically via a smartphone – scan the QR code and the lock will open. Rental fee is around 1 Yuan per hour (ca. 10c) which make it affordable for most Beijingers – during rush hours you will be faster with a bicycle than with a car or bus.
On top it reduces emmissions and improves personal health (not at all times, though thinking about smog).

Anyhow: a 100% thumbs up!

BlackBerry Priv, ISO50, f2.2, 1/220s

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