Panasonic Lumix G81 / G80 / G85 – die perfekte µFT Mittelklasse?

DMC G81MEG Product ImageGlobal 1 de de 20160831 - Panasonic Lumix G81 / G80 / G85 - die perfekte µFT Mittelklasse?

Everybody seemed to have been waiting for the presentation of the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II – but they only had a development model available; you can expect the camera to be in stock in 2017 – but not during the first months.

In contrast Panasonic has been offering a new camera in „small-DSLR-form factor“, which builds on the success of the latest model GX80 / GX85 / GX7 Mark II.
The G80 is the successor of the G70 and a sister to the rangefinder-style GX80, which has been introduced this spring.
With a price tag of 900€ the G80 is no direct competitor to the E-M1 II (which should be at least double in price), but rather to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.
Which features make the G80 the better deal?
  • Foremost the new, electromagnetic, shutter mechanism which eradicates the feared shutter shock phonomenon
  • Panasonic´s DFD autofocus system is included
  • as is Dual-IS – first incarnation as version 2a
  • a new function will save battery power and will make the G80 last up to 800 klicks
  • 4k-video plus 4k-photo function inclusive stacking
  • an integrated small flash
  • the form factor which should fit better in bigger hands
Thee E-M5 II wins here: minimum shutter speed (1/8000), number of focus points and the still better IBIS.
As soon as the first tests will show up we know how good the G80 really will be.

The way Panasonic positions itself is interesting, too. It makes sense to offer almost the same camera in different chassis sizes – this should save some R&D cost.

  • Entry drug: GF7 … and the question if the G6 will stay in the lineup
  • „Ultra“-Portable: GM5 … and the question about a possible GM8
  • Middle class: GX80 und G80
  • Upper class: GX8 und GH4/GH5 (with 6k photo)
Add on top the announce new Leica lenses – Panasonic is on a good way.
At the and a tip – if you pre-order the G80 in the UK you will receive the battery grip for free. This offer outspokenly includes all EU and Swiss citizens.

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